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Starting new.

Not really giving up as much as shifting focus; I'm taking down my server that hosts twobitarcade, MOCB, squshy and skin-boats. Dedicated hosting costs are the main reason, but I'm going to try to focus on android games exclusively in the near future and will be updating this site to reflect that. The links in the posts below will soon go bad and there will be lots of changes here.

- scott



SOF - Skin on Frame boatbuilding.

Last summer the kids and I built a boat. It was so much fun and paddled so well that we've decided to make a few more. It was so much fun in fact that I'm sharing the whole expierience on a new website all about skin boats. I'm hoping that it will take off and inspire lots more people to do the same. Skin on frame boats are lighweight, inexpensive and easy to build. There are plans for canoes, kayaks, rowboats, sailboats and more. On the site there will be lots of tips and instructions soon, and there's already a skin on frame forum in place.

Take a look and see if this is something you might like to do, I promise you won't regret it.



Launched a new recipe website.

I've been working on a new website for organizing recipes in my spare time. It's up at

I've put up a bunch of recipes including my Easy Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry and my favorite soup recipe Chicken Tortilla Soup. Take a look and add some of your own recipes if you like.



I'm somebody's daddy!

Nathan pics Cindy and the baby are doing great. See pics HERE.
More HERE.
Still more HERE.



Number four of the top ten reasons real programers hate VB.

From Microsoft Visual Basic Help
IsNull Function
Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether an expression contains no valid data (Null).
Important: Use the IsNull function to determine whether an expression contains a Null value. Expressions that you might expect to evaluate to True under some circumstances, such as If Var = Null and If Var < > Null, are always False. This is because any expression containing a Null is itself Null and, therefore, False.



Physics 202 students: Last semester's formulas.

A word document with most of the formulas from first semester physics on one page.

No claim of accuracy or completeness. Use at your own risk. Right click and "Save Target As..." to your computer.

Get it HERE


Action Script Asteroids.

One goal for this summer is to get good at flash. In the spirit of learning by doing I hacked out an asteroids clone.
One long night of coding got it started. Second day added saucers and cleaned it up a bit. Tomorrow add sound!
Flash is too cool.

Check it out HERE

I've always wanted to do a game something like "Pitfall!" or "Rick Dangerous". Towards that I set up a spring model jungle vine. The next step is to get a character to swing from it.

Check it out HERE


My Raytracer! Images from my CS 535 final project.

I still don't believe I actually got this thing to work. :)

So far it supports sphere, plane and cylinder objects with unlimited (within reason) colored lights, antiailiasing and soft shadows.

Image 1 Bars-n-Balls.
Image 2 Colored Lights.


Buffett Show. Greetings from Margaritaville!
Jimmy Buffett pic

Ken, Kos, Joanna, CJ, Brigid, Me and Cindy.



News. 8.12.2002 Finally got some updates.

Snorkel Cindy and Air War are posted on the download page. I am in the process of setting up login scripts to get some familiarity with php, mySql and cookies. There are three weeks left until school starts back up, so I hope to use that time to get a get a little more organized here.



News. 2.12.2002 Woohoo! Scott's got a home page.

For now I am going to post personal info, resume, pics and school stuff. Login will soon be set up to give access to personal photos and the like. Nothing to see or download yet.