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K.E.W. Boom!


Maslow CNC





K.E.W. Boom!

New Android game up on the play store!

I've always liked the bucket catching mechanic in games, my version has you defending the earth by blocking asteroids thrown by the space bugs. Massive projectiles dropped from orbit are called Kinetic Energy Weapons or KEWs and I loved how that fit with the title of the best of the genre...

Hit the K.E.W. Boom! link here or on the menu for details.



Inter-Galactic Space Bugs!

My first Android game is released on the play store, yay!

Hit the IGSB link here or on the menu for details.

Inter-Galactic Space Bugs



Starting new.

Not really giving up as much as shifting focus; I'm taking down my server that hosts twobitarcade, MOCB, squshy and skin-boats. Dedicated hosting costs are the main reason, but I'm going to try to focus on android games exclusively in the near future and will be updating this site to reflect that. There will be lots of changes here soon.
- Scott



SOF - Skin on Frame boatbuilding.

Last summer the kids and I built a boat. It was so much fun and paddled so well that we've decided to make a few more. It was so much fun in fact that I put together a website all about skin boats. I was hoping that it will take off and inspire lots more people to build skin boats. Unfortunately it didn't take off, but there are a lot more skin boat sites nowadays, so yay!
Here's ours:

SOF on jeep

paddle SOF



My Raytracer! Images from my CS 535 final project.

I still don't believe I actually got this thing to work. :)

So far it supports sphere, plane and cylinder objects with unlimited (within reason) colored lights, antiailiasing and soft shadows.

Image 1 Bars-n-Balls.
Image 2 Colored Lights.


Buffett Show. Greetings from Margaritaville!
Jimmy Buffett pic

Ken, Kos, Joanna, CJ, Brigid, Me and Cindy.



News. 2.12.2002 Woohoo! Scott's got a home page.

(Updated 9.6.2017)
I started out posting personal info, resume, pics and school stuff. Fifteen years later and I'm here consolidating back to this one site. Wow. You'll take my ascii art tables, horrible logo and eye searing background when you pry them from my cold dead fingers. :)